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Company Law and its results Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Company Law and its results - Case Study Example In this case Jamal is not only the director but also is the shareholder of the company. The intended resolution brought by Jamal relating to payment of dividend and his dislike on the style of management reflects the oppression of the minority by the majority represented by Boss and Harris. As has been decided in the above case, when a wrong is committed to a company, only the company is the proper person to bring an action for damage. Since the directors control the company and it is the directors whose conduct is the issue now, only the shareholders have to bring an action in the name of the company. There are certain rules established in the case of Foss v Harbottle. They are: 2. The second rule relates to 'internal management' of the company where the action complained of is something which the majority is entitled to then the action for legal remedy can be brought by the majority only. Relevant cases are: Jamal may not be in a position to bring any action against the remaining directors as the company is the only proper person for taking action against the directors. According to the second rule laid down in Foss v Harbottle since Boss and Harris represent the majority, only they are entitled to bring action if any for remedy. The complaint from Jamal does not fall within the exceptions to the rule laid down in Foss v harbottle as there is no apparent fraud committed by Harris and Boss representing the majority. Issue 2: Resolution brought by Boss and Harris for the removal of Jamal as a director Answer: It is possible that a company by ordinary resolution remove a director before the end of his period of office. Such an action may be brought under section 303 of the Companies Act 1985 notwithstanding anything contained in the Articles of Association of the company or anything contained in any agreement between the company and the director. The removal of a director under section 303 will not deprive the director of his right for compensation or damages payable in respect of the termination of his appointment as director. The director will also be entitled to his right of compensation in respect of the termination of any other appointment. It is obligatory for the company to issue a special notice of the resolution intended to be passed in the general meeting for the removal of a director or to appoint another in the place of the director removed at the meeting in which the director is so removed. Under section 304 on receipt of the notice of an intended resolution to remove a director under

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Hunger, How is Our Perception of Hunger Different From That of Essay

Hunger, How is Our Perception of Hunger Different From That of Starving Children and How We Have Become Immune to the Plight of Others - Essay Example Most poor people who battle hunger deal with chronic undernourishment and vitamin or mineral deficiencies, which result in stunted growth, weakness and heightened susceptibility to illness. Countries in which a large portion of the population battles hunger daily are usually poor and often lack the social safety nets we enjoy, such as soup kitchens, food stamps, and job training programs. When a family that lives in a poor country cannot grow enough food or earn enough money to buy food, there is nowhere to turn for help. ( Although the problem of hunger has been addressed by the Governments and numerous non-governmental organizations including the UN, the problem still looms large and requires adequate measures and serious tackling. However, do we really realize what is it like to be hungry How do people who are actually affected by it feel and how do they respond to this malady Could we, the so-called problem-solvers and solution-givers find a way out for these craving for a loaf of bread and do we really realize the extent of suffering How do we perceive hunger and how do those affected by it see it This paper tends to critically appraise these questions and tries to find answers to them. It is indeed very easy and simple to make assumptions regarding hungry people when one himself/herself is well-fed and is sitting in cozy rooms trying to find perfect solutions for the hungry and ill-fed masses. In such a scenario, the whole problem of hunger and poverty is seen through rose-tinted glasses and it becomes very convenient for the people on this side of the bridge to indulge themselves in a myriad of facts and figures and toy around with them. Our perception of hunger is vastly... This essay approves that the present age of industrialization and Mcdonaldization has also brought with it some negative symptoms as well. Due to the values of materialism, commercialism and consumerism becoming a part of the psyche of modern man, we no longer care and show respect to the needs of other men and women that are our fellow beings. We, in negation of all humanitarian values and morals, no longer seek to help out those who are less fortunate or are caught in unfavorable situations and circumstances. Thus, we just because are not affected by such maladies forget about those who are caught up in such problems. This paper stresses that there are people and organizations that still care about people that are hungry and do not enjoy all privileges as the minority of world does. There are various organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, that are trying their level best to alleviate the sufferings of the hungry millions and who think of this problem as their own. This report makes a conclusion that people need to contribute more and more to anti-hunger causes and governments should take steps to end the unequal distribution of wealth and ensure a mechanism for quick and efficient supply of food products to all. Organizations should, in their individual capacity as well as with collaboration with various Governments should think of ways to do the same. Only then we would be able to achieve the dream of a hunger-free world where no child goes to bed without food.

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Blue Tooth Technology Essay Example for Free

Blue Tooth Technology Essay Bluetooth is an open standard for speech and data transmission. Besides the applications for this new technology, e. g. the wireless connection between mobile station and terminal equipment, also the structure of the Bluetooth system architecture is presented. The set-up of so-called short-range ad hoc networks (piconets and scatternets) will be introduced. Bluetooth wireless technology is an open, accepted standard for wireless communication which means that Bluetooth electronic equipment can communicate as long as they are within approx. 10 meters of each other, making it possible to transfer data, speech, music or images without a physical connection. The mobile telephone manufacturer Ericsson invented Bluetooth technology, naming it after the Viking King Harald Bluetooth. Just as King Harald Bluetooth united Denmark and Norway, Bluetooth technology â€Å"unites† various types of electronic equipment to form a coherent whole. Ericsson formed the foundation for Bluetooth as early as 1994, but the standard was not ready for use until 1998. The first Bluetooth products came on the market in 2000. Today, Bluetooth technology can be found in all types of electronic equipment – including mobile phones, mobile headsets, PCs, keyboards, mouse devices, printers, GPS navigation units, video cameras and pocket PCs – and new products are emerging every day. Today, Bluetooth technology is an essential everyday tool to be found in a variety of electronic equipment. The technology makes it easy to transfer speech between a mobile phone and a headset, a mobile phone and a pocket computer or images from a digital video camera to a PC. Even though two Bluetooth units can find each other and be connected, because they both comply with the standard, it may not necessarily make sense for them to speak to each other. For instance, a Bluetooth mouse would not profit much from a connection with a digital camera, or a headset with a keyboard. The basic requirement for Bluetooth units to be able to communicate is that they are located within 10 meters of each other. That is the range of the Bluetooth radio waves – at least under the current standard. The study intents to (1) know the key features of Bluetooth technology; (2) evaluate Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and its key role in maintaining specifications of the protocol, profiles, testing and qualification, interoperability and compatibility and; (3) how Bluetooth applies to wireless technology. II. Background As Bluetooth technology becomes more common, however, we will undoubtedly see CD players that send sound to amplifiers via Bluetooth, which then transfer the sound to speakers in the same way. A Bluetooth enabled pocket computer will automatically synchronise with a company’s diary and make sure that the day’s e-mails are ready to be read on the screen. And car radios will turn the music down and transfer the speech from a mobile phone when it rings (see â€Å"Bluetooth†. New Standard Encyclopedia, pp. 36-38). Moreover, the Bluetooth brand is now recognized worldwide on products with short range wireless communication capabilities. The brand is a label that is not a single company technology but is shared by many members of the Bluetooth SIG. The brand is applied to devices implementing the Bluetooth technology; even if it says little about the way the technology works (see â€Å"Bluetooth†. New Standard Encyclopedia, pp. 36-38). III. Discussion A. Features of Bluetooth Technology The logo for Bluetooth is based on Runes surrounding the legend of Harald Bluetooth. Bluetooth the technology is based on communications central to man’s own personal space. Fundamentally Bluetooth operates within the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band at 2. 4 GHz. It is a short-range wireless communication standard defined as cable replacement for a Personal Area Network (PAN) (see â€Å"Bluetooth†. Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge, pp. 87-94). Figure 1 is the Bluetooth Logo. A cable replacement standard has been defined because cables limit mobility of the consumer; they are cumbersome to carry around, are easily lost or broken. Often connectors are prone to difficult to diagnose failures; or are proprietary. To counteract these limitations Bluetooth is designed to be light and portable. It can be embedded to take the riggers of physical knocks and shocks. It includes standards and protocols to make it mobile, robust, reliable and not limited to one manufacturer (see â€Å"Bluetooth†. Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge, pp. 87-94). The operating band also fits the goals of Bluetooth, imposing requirements as a cable replacement. The cost needs to be comparable with cable. Reductions can be achieved by operating in the licence free 2. 4 GHz ISM band, keeping backward compatibility wherever possible lowers the cost of ownership by avoiding upgrades and having a relaxed radio specification enables single chip integrated circuit solutions. It also needs to be as reliable and resilient as cable and cope with errors and degradation caused by interference. For mobile devices it must be compact, lightweight, low power and easy to use (see â€Å"Bluetooth†. Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge, pp. 87-94). A. 1 Frequency Hopping We have addressed the reasons for the Bluetooth without delving into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the technology to discover how it operates. For the majority of countries the ISM band used by Bluetooth is available from 2. 40-2. 4835 GHz, although some countries impose restrictions. In this band Bluetooth uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) techniques in order to improve its immunity from interference (see J. Bray and C. F. Sturman, Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables†, Prentice Hall). In unrestricted countries the radios hop in pseudo random sequences around all available channels, this equates to 79 RF channels with a channel spacing of 1 MHz. Starting at a base frequency of 2402 MHz then the frequency of the channels, f, can be expressed as: f =2402 + n MHz where, n, is the channel number with an integer value in the range of 0 to 78. In restricted countries a limited frequency hopping schemes with just 23 channels is used and is catered for in the Bluetooth specification. Both hopping schemes have a 1 MHz channel spacing making it possible to design a simple radio interface whereby the baseband only has to specify a channel number and the radio multiplies this up to the appropriate frequency offset (see J. Bray and C. F. Sturman, Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables†, Prentice Hall). In this FHSS scheme there are 1600 hops per second, which is a hop every 625  µs. Part of this hop timing is taken up by the guard time of 220  µs allowing the synthesizer time to settle. The frequency hopping implements time division multiplexing as shown in Figure 2. The basis of the scheme has the Master device transmitting in the first 625 us slot, k, and here the Slave receives. In the next slot k = 1 the Slave is permitted to transmit and the master listens (see J. Bray and C. F. Sturman, Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables†, Prentice Hall). Figure 2: Frequency Hopping, master and slave interact on corresponding slots The radio must be able to retune and stabilise on a new frequency within tight time constraints. This is pushed further when establishing a connection; the hop rate can be shortened to every 312. 5 us. As the radios are constantly hopping to different radio channels, this ensures that packets affected by interference on one channel can be retransmitted on a different frequency channel. To further enhance resilience both ARQ (Automatic Repeat reQuest) and FEC (Forward Error Correction) form part of the specification (see J. Bray and C. F. Sturman, Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables†, Prentice Hall). One drawback with the normal hop sequence is the time taken for production testing. Bluetooth ensures adequate frequency coverage with a test sequence allowing the radios to be tested at a faster rate (see J. Bray and C. F. Sturman, Bluetooth: Connect Without Cables†, Prentice Hall). A. 2 The Bluetooth SIG and Specifications If the success of Bluetooth is measured by its initial interest alone then its prominence has already been assured. Before products were on sale, hundreds of companies joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and the Bluetooth brand became recognized worldwide. Before investigating the technology further it is appropriate to comment about the role played by the SIG, the administrative structure of which is outlined in Figure 3. With membership of the SIG nearing 2500 members it is only right to look at how the SIG works to promote, shape and define the specification and position Bluetooth in the market place. Positioning of the technology is important when you consider other wireless technologies that share the same ISM band, e. g. IEEE802. 11b, HomeRF and DECT. Differentiation is key in avoiding confusion of potential users.

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Fuel Cells are The Future Energy Source Essay -- essays research paper

In a society that is capable of producing and consuming large amount of energy, we often take these nonrenewable resources for granted. It isn’t until the last few decades that people begins to realize the effect of global warming. With more and more cars appearing on the road everyday, the necessity of gasoline is greatly increasing. Fortunately, a â€Å"new† technology has been developed. It is believed to be the next replacement for gasoline and it would have positive environmental impact. As you might have guessed, it is the fuel cells. History The idea of fuel cells has actually been developed more than a century ago by William Robert Grove, thus it is not exactly a new development. Initial ideas with the fuel cells are to be used in power plants. However, it isn’t until recently, that detailed research has been conducted How It Works There are different types of fuel cells, the most common type involves hydrogen. Energy is released when two hydrogen atoms are combined with an oxygen atom and it is potentially the energy that is used by the vehicle. As the two gases are storable, it makes it possible to be used in places upon request. Efficiency Unlike fuel cells, many renewable resources are storable, but can not provide enough energy. This makes fuel cells one of the very few replacements of gasoline. At the same time, fuel cells are more efficient than gasoline. It is estimated that around 40 to 50% of the energy generated through the process will actually be used by the fuel cells vehicle. However, having these two flammable gases in one’s vehicle would make it far too dangerous if safety precautions aren’t properly taken. Other downsides to the fuel cells include the fact that if produced from water, it uses ... .... If governments decide to melt glaciers, it will only speed up global warming. Due to the fast change in our weather, more and more people are aware of global warming. Thus, promoting fuel cells vehicles will encourage politicians to take action to protect our environment. For the next fifty years, the environment will have a larger impact in politics as the change in temperature will affect people’s daily lives. It is predicted that a much larger budget will be used cut to compensate those who will be adjusting to the fuel cells technology. As this technology matures over the next decade, governments will put more stress on using fuel cells vehicles. The fuel cells market will expand to fulfill the idea of a hydrogen economy with an emission free and zero carbon emission. It is a promising invention with promising a future. However, only time one will tell.

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Nature of Human Being and reason for beingg

From the Catholic's point of view, if we look at the bible basing room the Old Testament, we have committed sin from the day Adam and Eve bit the apple and this perhaps as always an excuse of humans when they commit mistakes. If we consider science on human evolution, they would say that we were once came from the family of ape, this also affects the perception towards the behavior of human beings because they perceived humans as higher level of the animal kingdom and again have the tendency to commit mistakes. But going deeper, do we really are born to make mistakes?Or in order to achieve perfections we needed to learn sessions by going through the mistakes. For me, the nature of human being and how he exist Is affected by a lot of factors, say by environment, circumstances, upbringing , beliefs etc. We sometimes make decisions not thoroughly think of but because of what we feel or sometimes how other will perceived It as right or wrong. This is because: our behaviors are affected b y the norms set by the environment where we are living or somehow affected by culture that was inculcated in our minds from the day we were born or even when we were still in the womb of our mother.This somehow defines the right and wrong of our action, each human being has his own definition of how we see righteousness and what seems to be not right in our perspectives. We are naturally Influenced by the surroundings but at the end of the day we always see goodness In every human, we always believed that whatever the actions or even mistakes committed, we don't completely removed the idea that somehow there is kindness or goodness in the heart of every human being. I guess, the nature of human being is not imperfectly perfect but we tend to dream of having almost close to perfect life.Contentment and satisfaction is always a challenging word for us. Linking this to genuine happiness adds more heaviness to the word, because, It gives us freedom to choose our own happiness and yet In choosing, we consider circumstances, families, other factors that might impact the happiness we want to have for our own lives. True to the saying, that no man is an island, which man cannot live alone, he needs to be with somebody to show his affection, emotion and love in either way.And this drives us also to do goodness, because we believe hat there is somebody, who can accept us, our faith directs us to do goodness and always reasons for everything we do, and somehow, sometimes being human we tend to forget this, because we perceived that we do not have a choice. But in reality we do, if we do have choices as human being, we have the freedom to think, how to act. The nature of human being for me is the same for each and every one but it only differs when influential factors sets in especially the culture that affects all our situations and ways of thinking.Reasons of Being: For me being is the reasons of existence. But how do we define reasons of being? Why humans do exists? In my own point of view, we were not born out of nowhere. Culture, religion, science environment may happened to affect our existence. We mimic sometimes other personalities or idols that we see or we believed reflect how we want to live our lives. And somehow this gives us directions of our being. Our reasons of being are unending process, it is like a cycle, when we almost are done to end something, and then it gives us another open door to begin on something.A child is born, his path sometimes is being mapped out already by his parents, but the moment he sees his environment, he began to explore things on his own and do things from one way to another until he accomplish something and explore on another thing. We do not seem to be satisfied with having Just any reason for living but we want to find deeper meaning of our existence. We tend to look for our purpose in the society, in humanity or in our day to day existence. The reason for being is because we want to see the meaning of life, we want to know where will it take us and how far can we affect others by our existence.In conclusion The nature of human being is naturally with flaws, we are not perfect but this should not be an excuse for stopping us to be a good person. Committing mistakes will lead us to learning and accept that we are human beings, and like a child we are a work in progress in becoming a better individual, or be the best of what we can be. I happened to read a book â€Å"the Purpose driven life† written by Rick Warren, it is about t the Journey of knowing God's purpose for your life and gives us understanding of the big picture ? how all the pieces of your life fit together.The reason of existence of eyeing is based on how or what we believe that drives us to what we do or we want to have in life. But personally, being a catholic I believed that my reason of being is because I have a purpose to serve God through my interactions with other human beings. To return the favor to othe rs by showing goodness and kindness, and exerting effort to live what the God has wanted us to be. My reason of being is to know the meaning of life and how to experience it. I believe that my life here on earth is Just a preparation of the beginning of my new life when I have the opportunity to see God face to face.

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Dr. Robert Vorona, An Associate Professor Of Internal...

There is no such thing as a sleep deprived horse, bat, whale, or any other mammal for that matter except the human. Humans are the only creature in their mammalian class to prolong other activities at the expense of sleep (National Sleep Foundation 1). The cost of such practices is our own lives and unfortunately, many do not know it. Study author Dr. Robert Vorona, an associate professor of internal medicine in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia stated â€Å"‘Teenagers need over nine hours of sleep a night, and it looks like a large number of teens don’t get sufficient sleep . . . that relates to the time that high schools begin’† (qtd. in Holhan 1). I believe the amount of sleep a student can get is largely based on the time his or her school begins. Sleep and student are not synonymous as in the fact that if one is affiliated with any sports, clubs, after school activities, or enrolled in challenging courses they are most likely up to their neck in home work once they arrive home. Finishing homework assignments, especially after coming home from an after school activity, can sometimes interfere with the 7-9 hours of sleep teenagers need every night. This large problem is detrimental for many reasons. Not receiving a full nights rest before waking up and driving to work or school early in the morning can simulate effects similar to driving under the influence of drugs which can lead to traffic collisions (Kendall Hamilton

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Cultural Diversity Essay - 1637 Words

Cultural Diversity Children should be exposed to all segments of society. Youngsters learning with children of different races, nationalities, and religions tend to be more tolerant and accepting of individual differences. They learn customs, beliefs and rituals of classmates that maybe quite different from what they have been taught. Youngsters learning in an environment of diversity are well prepared to deal more effectively in society after they complete their education. A mutual respect and understanding of other cultures removes barriers and stereotypes. Individual differences need to be threatening. In fact, knowledge of other cultures helps a person realize and appreciate the similarities more than the differences. It is most†¦show more content†¦Parents could choose a private school or public one; and in either case the voucher money would go to the school. The voucher system blurs the distinction between public and private schools. The downside is that the voucher system might produce a lowering of the standards of the public school system and money would be drained as well. It also might produce a racial or ethnic balkanization of society.( html). A voucher system would be a mute point if the public and private sectors were comparable. Equality for all socio-economic classes An educational system should allow every student to reach his or her potential. The concept of equality is clearly stated in the Encyclopedia Britannica, The constitution guarantees...freedom of opinion, expression, press, publication, assembly and association... any political party based on race, religion, region, or language is forbidden.(Encyclopedia Britannica). It would appear that an educational system that ignores this guarantee violates the spirit as well as the letter of the law. In fact, the delivery of education varies dramatically based on the socio-economic level of a community. More affluent areas have the tax base and the resources to provide the best education possible. Top salaries attract the best and the brightest teachers. In this environment, specificShow MoreRelatedDiversity And Cultural Diversity1288 Words   |  6 PagesCultural diversity is defined as â€Å"the existence of a variety of cultural or ethnic groups within a society† (Google diversity). A s we continue down the path of globalization it becomes important to reflect on the ever-changing landscape of society and the values people may have in them. This applies both towards society and the work place in which society must operate. Companies like Ernst Young, ATT, and Comcast acknowledge the changing landscape and are leading the charge towards becoming aRead MoreCultural Diversity and Louie2086 Words   |  9 Pagesencouraged to work in groups without ethnocentrism. Through working in a group with conversation, Louie can learn and understand others’ feelings. 4) Workforce diversity has been a great challenge for manager. Do you agree with this statement? Justify. For us, we agree with the statement which workforce diversity has been a great challenge for manager. It makes manager’s life difficult. Employees may have problems among themselves which need attention from managers and managers alsoRead More Cultural Diversity Essay480 Words   |  2 Pages Cultural Diversity: Campus Climates and Classroom Instruction American Society has been and continues to become increasingly mixed, complex, and variegated in its cultural practices and ethnic make up. However, the state schools have fallen short of race goals established thirty-one years ago in a desegregation case now known as Geier v. Sundquist. The University of Tennessee at Knoxville has notoriously had one of the worst recruiting efforts for diversifying undergraduates. This realization makesRead MoreA Cultural Diversity Training Program1213 Words   |  5 PagesWith many organizations expanding and becoming more global organizations, whose businesses deal with other countries, cultural diversity becomes more challenging. That is why it is important for organizations to create a cultural diversity training program to encourage employee from different backgrounds to come together and learn each other s belief system which can enhance the organization s ability to problem-solve. To do this successfully an organization needs to create an organizationalRead MoreDemographic Diversity And Cultural Diversity1700 Words   |  7 PagesDEMOGRAPHIC AND CULTURAL DIVERSITY GOPI KRISHNA CHALLA RIVIER UNIVERSITY Demographic and Cultural Diversity ABSTRACT The research is concerning Organizational Behavior which includes unusual types of Organizations with dissimilar types of public behaviors. Among that Demographic Diversity and Cultural Diversity of an Organization is extremely significant to turn into a triumphant organization or company in the marketplace Especially the Demographic and Cultural Diversity show the in goodRead MoreReflection Paper On Cultural Diversity1815 Words   |  8 PagesFinal Reflection Paper During this summer semester, I have learned many important skills concerning my internship at Retreat of Lancaster County. These skills can be divided into four categories - social and cultural diversity, helping relationships, group work, and assessment. Retreat of Lancaster County is an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with both rehab and detox levels. At this location, I have been able work with patients entering recovery for alcohol use, heroin use, prescriptionRead MoreCultural Diversity And Team Performance Essay1330 Words   |  6 PagesThe journal paper ‘Cultural diversity and team performance: The role of team member goal orientation’ by (Pieterse, Van Knippenberg Van Dierendonck,2013) is to investigate the members goal orientation in the relationship between performance and cultural diversity. The contribution of Pieterse, Van Knippenberg Van Dierendonck (2013) is that they have developed and test the theory under the CEM model on how achieve ment setting stimulates the team member goal orientations that affect performanceRead MoreGraduation Speech : Cultural Diversity1316 Words   |  6 PagesWhen I originally set out to start this project, I started out wanting to explore how books could be used to address diversity in the classroom in terms of the students’ cultural backgrounds. After spending time in my classroom, I came to the realization that investigating this question would be a challenge, due to the fact that I was only able to observe a handful of situations where students interacted with books, much less books that included aspects of culture. In my classroom, books that incorporatedRead MoreThe Importance Of Cultural Diversity On Education1383 Words   |  6 PagesThe Importance of Cultural Diversity In Education It is Carmen’s first day in her very first English speaking classroom, ever. She is beyond nervous, petrified of what the first day in her new classroom might entail. As the clock approaches 8 AM, a ton of questions are running through her head. Should I say â€Å"hi† or â€Å"hello† to my classmates? What if they can hear my accent? What if they can smell the chorizo my mom packed in my lunch? What was the little girl’s name I just met outside? What if theRead MoreDiversity And Cultural Issues Of Tesol Education1545 Words   |  7 PagesEDUC600 I001 Fall 15 Final Reflection Journal: Diversity and Cultural Issues in TESOL Education During the course entitled Diversity and Cultural Issues in TESOL Education, issues of diversity and culture, as well as methods, strategies, and approaches for engaging English language learners were examined. Students all over the world learn English for a variety of reasons. Some students must study English as a requirement. Other students may wish to travel, study abroad, or work in the global marketplace